Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Spending Borrowed Money

Ontario politics is a mess. With a large structural deficit, an ailing economy, all the Leader's seem to have hot-boxed their campaign buses and come up with their platforms during one long session.

Tim Hudak's PC party wants to give more money to welfare people, spend 6 billion on Healthcare, spend 35 billion on infrastructure to "cure the economy" (didn't Obama try this and fail?), spend 2 bill on education,  cut taxes, take out smart meters and then balance the budget with magic economy beans. McGuinty's Liberals want to somehow create a personalized ontario cancer risk profile (here's your profile: everything causes cancer), and creates a childhood obesity council while curing the economy with magic start-up biz beans, and spend billions on education. The NDP openly has no ideas except to become protectionist and cure transportation by making it law that cars must stay a regulated distance from bikes - because more people will then use bikes right?

All the parties want to spend money we don't have, increase the deficit, but at the same time balance the budget.

Meanwhile, the Green Party's solution for Health care is to "focus on preventing illness through healthier communities and lifestyles", freeze and cap tuition payments, lower taxes, create a plan to balance the budget by 2015, and create a better farming/food strategy. Although their green energy policy is far off, and their platform the most vague, they seem to be the lesser of the evils.

When the Green party has the best platform, you know Ontario politics has gone haywire.


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