Friday, 15 March 2013

North Korea Strikes Sea of Japan

I am writing as Mitt Romney is speaking.

However, something just occurred that is far more important. North Korea has fired short range missiles into the Sea of Japan. Two KN-02 short range missiles were fired in international missiles, fired from SCUD like trucks, and has a range of 120 – 140 km. They can carry a nuclear load.
I guess Dennis Rodman did a poor job as a diplomat.
This has occurred before; however it is the timing that concerns most. Currently, joint US-South Korean military exercises are occurring. Already, it is heating up between North Korea and western relations. Completely destroying ties with South Korea diplomatically, while just today North Koreasaid that the United States shut down their internet access as Loxley Pacific Co, the internet provider to North Korea, said they were investigating an attack on their servers.

The continual tit for tat displays are heating up into what could be a physical military confrontation. North Korea must be careful, as already China has rebuked their antics and most likely their lone friend in the world will not defend them in battle. North Korea has 1.2 million military personnel, but their equipment would not withstand an attack by the technologically superior South Korea. The South Koreans has 700 000 personnel backed by 28 000 US troops, but have vastly superior equipment. Additionally, the North Koreans could not sustain a long term war as their fuel supplies are relatively low.

The latest news suggests that their was an assassination attempt of Kim Jong Un, as a power struggle between the Worker's Party and the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces continues. 

Either way, a war is best avoided, especially for North Korea’s interests. As accountants would say, should North Korea enter into war, they may cease to be a going concern.