Sunday, 12 May 2013

Motheronomics of Mother's Day

Mothers often can be described as the backbone of society. They raise the future in most countries, from young engineers to doctors, carpenters to plumbers, or writers and musicians. Often, the role of the mother has been unappreciated in Western society, which is quite unfortunate as mothers have an extremely important role in any culture.

The holiday entitled Mother's Day was created in 1908, when a woman named Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in West Virginia, and had it officially recognized in the United States by 1914. Now, recognized as an official day of recognition for mothers internationally, Mother's Day celebrates the role of females raising children across the world. 

Interestingly, a website entitled does the numbers to calculate how much a mother is worth. The different roles such as cook, housekeeper, cleaner, teacher, laundry machine operator, driver and others such as psychologist, as listening to those pesky problems can be quite the task. The estimate was that the working mothers should be compensated $67 436 on average in addition to the money earning outside of home. 

However, these statistics do not enter into the mainstream conversation. Instead, the more interesting statistics are about the gift industry of Mother's Day, quite important numbers for retailers across the world. In the United States, the average person spends about $130 on their mother on Mother's Day, while $14.6 billion will be spent on Mother's for sons, fathers and daughters to express their appreciation. Most fathers suggest that Mothers's day is a great day to take over the more female activities in the household, or create an unforgettable experience. Interestingly, almost 100% of fathers state that the small gestures are more important than materialistic items as gifts for Mother's Day. 

Either way, expressing your gratitude towards your mother is not only important on Mother's Day, but on any day, as this writer has learned. The mother of this writer commits to many roles, which includes running New Vision Nutrition , a consultancy on how to improve one's lifestyle through changes in daily eating habits. Most likely, this writer would have never become the person he is without his mother, and would like to express his gratitude for his mom. 

Anyone who has had the blessing of a great mother will most likely raise their glass to a toast of mothers, and realize that having a good mother is truly a blessing.